Sunday, October 31, 2010

Local shops in Stone Town/Zanzibar at sunset.
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One of the many children hanging out by the beach. Great light for this photo. The kids were really interested in seeing the photos on the digital cameras.
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Here are a couple more photos of the aerobatics off the tire...who needs a playground when you have a tire and sand!
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We headed down through town and stumbled across a group of kids launching themselves off a tire...kind of like a spring board in gymnastics. They were doing some really cool flips and twists. This is Chris taking some up close video of the action.
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Happy Halloween in Zanzibar...not much going on as far as trik or treating goes. We did go to the local market. The bar had carved pumpkins on each table.
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Chris and Jeff in the cab, on the way to the ferry to Zanzibar. Chris is showing off his daily dose of Pepto!
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Once we dropped off our bags in the room, we headed to the and beer 'till about 2am.
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Klug checking in at the Hotel in Dar Es Salam...only one room reserved...should have been two..."apparently being in the "DIAMOND" club doesn't mean anything to you...!
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The on-board monitor at your seat....flew over som cool was dark though!
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Just Landed in Amsterdam

Jeff hitting the "self serve bar" at the KLM lounge in Amsterdam. We have a 3+ hour lay-over here...looks like we will do just fine...they also have a Heiniken beer stuff!

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Jim R Harris Photography: Cat-Griz Photo Challenge 2010

Jim R Harris Photography: Cat-Griz Photo Challenge 2010: "Your Challenge: Which College fans will order the most prints of one of the aerial photos of their favorite stadium photo first. Your Goal..."

Cat-Griz Photo Challenge 2010

Your Challenge: Which College fans will order the most prints of one of the aerial photos of their favorite stadium photo first.
Your Goal: The College fans school(between U of M & MSU) that purchase 150 individual prints first will get 20% of the net proceeds. The 20% will go to the Scholarship program for the winning College. If both meet or exceed the 150 mark, the second place college will get 10% of the net proceeds.
Time Frame: The contest is open to November 19th, 2010. The winner will be announced during the Cat-Griz game!
Email with any questions:
Montana Aerial will donate 20% of the net proceeds to the winning schools Scholarship program.

Click here to view and purchase a print

Friday, October 22, 2010


I placed second in the design contest. Thanks to everyone who voted.
Click hear to see the results: Contest

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Aerial Photos of Beetle infestation killing trees in Montana

Just added a few photos from last week around Butte of dead trees that were infested with the beetle:

Click here to see the Gallery

Butte Montana Aerial Photographs

Check the aerial images of Butte, the Berkeley Pit, Lady of the Rockies etc:

Click here for Link to Gallery

Quote of the day by Yvon Chouinard

I was in the Canadian Rockies with a friend, and we were starving for protein, so we started eating ground squirrels. We used your typical Boy Scout trap, where you put food under a pot and a rock on top, and you lift one edge with a stick. When the squirrel goes in, you pull a string on the stick. But then how do you get this pissed-off squirrel out? Well, you put white gas around the pot’s edges and light it, and that sucks all the oxygen out of the pot. Wait a minute or two, lift the lid, and there’s a dead squirrel.
The above is from Mens Journal

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Montana State Unversity Aerial Photographs

Check out the aerial photographs of Montana State University Bobcat football Stadium, Bozeman Montana by Bozeman photographer Jim R Harris:

Click here to see photos

University of Montana Washington Grizzly Stadium Aerial Photographs Jim R Harris

Check out the aerial photos of University of Montana Washington Grizzly Stadium by Bozeman photographer Jim Harris. These were shot on October 9th, 2010. This was a Breast Cancer Awareness day with the Grizzlies and fans wearing pink jerseys etc.
Click here to visit website: Aerial Photos

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Please sign up for

News from Marty Ostermiller:
Please check-out the website above.  I am really hoping that I can inspire you to join me in signing up to volunteer.  This is an event that my father(Ron Ostermiller) and I are kicking off this year and hope to establish it as an annual event in the community.  Our eventual goal is to create an infrastructure that can be used across several communities.  It is based on a similar event in Butte that has been going on annually for the past twenty years.  Last year, they raised over 130,000 pounds of food and $30,000 dollars in donations.

Picture tromping around our neighborhoods in the snow going from door to door with a group of friends and family, collecting food for families in need.  It is a precious opportunity for all of us to volunteer for one brief morning during the holidays, be outside, get some exercise, and have fun making a difference in this community.  We are setting an ambitious goal of mobilizing 500+ volunteers to collect over 100,000 pounds of food in this first year of the food drive in Bozeman and Belgrade.  I am really optimistic that we can reach these goals, but we need your help.

Please, please sign up and spread the word.  If you are willing to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook and help us generate enthusiasm that way, I have included instructions below.

Thanks, Marty Ostermiller
Thank you for exploring the possibility of volunteering for our Holiday Food drive in December.  Invite your family and friends to join you on a crisp December day of giving back to your community.  Your efforts will go far to help those in our community in need during the winter months.

You can choose to sign-up to either lead a team or join a team.  Our recommended team size is five or more participants.  The ideal team configuration is to have four or more members walking the streets collecting food and a vehicle and driver available to collect food from the volunteers.

We will communicate event information via email and this website in the weeks leading up to the event.

Please click on Sign-up to Volunteer if you are interested in volunteering. 

Lead a Team:
- Lead a team of five or more members
- Act as our principal point of contact for your team
- Ensure that your team has covered all of the houses in your area

Join a Team:
- Spend 2-3 hours walking or driving a select area of town collecting food door to door

Design Contest

I need your vote for a design contest with Northern Lights.
Go here to cast your vote for Jim Harris: Mount Blackmore: