Monday, November 1, 2010

Stone Town Zanzibar: After a torrential downpour of rain last night, we woke and had breakfast at the hotel. Chris had baked beans over toast, his favorite. After the rain, we headed to the local fish market which turned out to be not as busy due to election day...we found out that it probably wasn't the best time to be in Stone Town today as the results were supposed to announce...luckily they were delayed 'till tomorrow/Tuesday. From previous elections, Stone Town can be somewhat of a resistance to change and in a previous election, some 25 people were gunned down in one of the local markets by the local military.
While we were visiting the same market/square today, a military vehicle pulled up and half of the crowd dispersed rather quickly.We stuck around to finish shooting and see the rest of the market.
The fish market was great with lots of activity. Not as many fisherman were out during the night because of the election, but we did manage to see some large tuna, barracuda, travalli and some various other species from mullet to small bait fish.
We just returned to Dar Es Sallam via the ferry and to our suprise, Klug's Platinum or is it Diamond status granted us an upgrade in rooms...or at least for himself...see the upcoming photo...

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