Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

Every morning I wake up, a lot of the stuffing has come out of my bed. I don't know how, but there is a big tear along the edge and it appears it has been chewed on. So, for my first Christmas, I would like a new bed.

In another month, I will be turning 1. Over the past 11 months I feel that I have been a good puppy. I know you have been watching me and also know that I have only chewed and destroyed a few items...including my Mom's favorite shirt that I pulled out of the laundry basket. But in my defense, my Dad left me unattended in the laundry room for over an hour.

I also chewed on several toys belonging to; Fischer, Tucker, Carson, Finn...and a few others. Nothing major, toys like a Frisbee and some matchbox cars, all easily replaced. Maybe you could bring the kids a few toys to replace the ones I chewed.

Two weeks ago, my Dad left me in the truck and I found these really cool looking feathers stuck into the center console. Lots of fun to play with until the sharp end pierced my tongue. Dad wasn't too happy about that and kept murmuring that he better not have to take me to the vet to remove any hooks I swallowed. Oh well, he didn't seem to be as mad as when he came home and I had chewed the leather off one of his hunting boots. Maybe you could bring him a new pair when you bring my new bed.

I'll leave some treats for you by my kennel door...seems that is where I have to sleep now.

Your friend,


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