Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Patience Bobcat Fan...Patience

Back in 2002, just as Travis Lulay was about to become one of the best Quarterbacks Montana State has ever seen, I took this photo of my son and decided to make an inspirational poster for myself and a few family members. More of a token of humor in the beginning, it turned out to be an inspiration. Knowing that it does take patience to be a fan of any team, going through the ups and downs, losing to their arch rival and so on.
The Cats were losing this particular match-up, and as the fans cleared out, my son sat there until the end as did many other fans.
Little did I know that shortly after the making of "Patience",  Lulay would go on to help orchestrate a huge "W" in Missoula against the Montana a Freshman, eliminating a 16 year losing streak.
This poster did make it around to much of the team and coaches at the time and actually was a fixture on Lulay's refrigerator.
So, here we are, the Cats having a great season, ranked #1 in the Nation for the first time since the 1984 team, then losing to the Griz on our home field. One can only hope that this loss inspires each and every player, coach and fan to come together and finish this season in Frisco Texas with a "W".
We have come a long way over the past several years, more wins, home playoff games, new end zone and a packed crowd with over 20,000 fans at the last game. Momentum has shifted our way and the only way to keep it here is to continue to support MSU and the Cats...and most of all, have PATIENCE!
Go Cats

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